Tuesday, 29 November 2011

When love is not enough!II - Before you say 'I do'

So it is no news that love is NEVER enough. Most people just enter into marriage claiming they are in love without first thinking of 'for better for worse'. If everyone considered their marital vows before signing the dreaded divorce papers then nobody would be bearing the title, divorcĂ©(e). The rate at which couples get divorced these days is terrifying for those still married and those about to. But trust my Naija peeps nah, that one na tori o, abeg! First get married then bear the cross later,the major thing is the aso ebi and Mr and Mrs (especially Mrs ) title. According to Myles Munroe: 'what keeps a marriage is not love but knowledge'- the ability to live with each other. These days, most about to wed couples are advocating the cohabiting theory. Well, personally I don't really like this idea in fact sef I hate the idea! I strongly believe that the best and only step to take before saying 'I do' is praying. Pray and fast because your life actually depends on it. Talk to your mother about this person, I trust my fellow Naija women, they have special pastors for occasions like this and if you don't have a mother, then talk to your pastor. This is someone you are planning to spend the rest of your life with, you are gonna wake up every morning and see his/her face with dried drool beside his/her mouth, have sleepless night because of his/her loud snores, watch the prized possession which got you attracted to him/her in the first instance loose its elasticity or sag every day and keep up with other really annoying traits for the rest of your LIFE!!! I'm sorry if this sounds like a life sentence (actually it is!) but I'm just trying to emphasize the depths of this institution we call marriage. 
On the brighter side however, you go home and there's always someone waiting for you to wipe your tears, sweat and make you feel alive*winks*, a constant, loyal and faithful companion (ie if you are with the right person o!).

So my dear friends, I don't believe love fades away, but I believe it is not enough to stop your partner from cheating, throwing that bed lamp at you, being impatience at your childlessness, taking sides with your in-laws, constantly nagging, abandoning you, giving you the silent treatment, need I mention more?! What is enough is Grace, the Grace of God!it's always sufficient.And for the married ones, 'A family that prays together, sticks together', might sound like a cliche but oh! it works, keep it in mind!

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  1. For better for STAY, for worse for GO,LOL.


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