Thursday, 24 November 2011

When love is not enough!

Titi, 23 met Dayo, 25 on Facebook, they set up a date, met and instantly fell in love. Few months into their relationship,they both decided to take a blood genotype test, just to be sure. Well, your guess is as good as mine if you always see the glass as half empty and not half full. They were both AS and had to call it quits. 
They are both still single.
Rita, 20 met Emeka, 29 in the church. Rita was a member of the church choir and often led praises during service. This of course caught the attention and 'attraction' of Emeka. As a sharp Ibo boy he prophesied his love to Rita who within few weeks was swept of her feet by his persistence, charm, good looks and of course, fat bank account totally turning  deaf ears to his really strong Ibo accent. After two months of playing hard to get as per correct   Naija babe mentality she finally succumbed to his woos and eventually said 'I do' with the approval of their pastor (and other means via pictures of Emeka and other prospective suitors). Five years after the marriage, Rita had not gotten pregnant and this caused tension in their home. Emeka started drinking, keeping late nights and flirting around. What finally broke the camel's back was his ultimatum,'thiz year if you don't give me a child consider yaself single!'.
Rita is now back with her parents.
Kenny, 32 met Ruka, 26 in the nightclub. 'What captivated me was her calmness. There was this peacefulness around her amidst the noise', He reminisced. They both exchanged numbers and a relationship ensued thereafter. 
They both really loved each other but there was a BUT! Ruka was a NYMPHO! They had both tried their best trying to cure this ailment, from special deliverance sessions, to white and red candle sessions, to special flogging sessions, to psychological sessions, all to no avail.
They finally broke up after Kenny realized everything else came after sex in Ruka's life, including him.
                                                 to be continued..........


  1. I often ask people who've come out of bad relationships if they ever saw any traits at the beginning that could have been interpreted as a warning signal. And they've all said yes, they saw signs but ignored it.
    People can't hide who they are for long. If you are dating a wolf or a freak, the signs will show. But the Hollywood romance will keep you in denial until the truth bites you in the rear.

  2. @upwardliving, i disagree that people can't hide who they are for long. Well my dear people can,for as long as the courtship lasts and then show their true colour after marriage. as for the hollywood romance bit, these celebs often get carried away by public scrutiny and would prefer looking sweet even if it's the other way round.

  3. @upwardliving,these people ignore these signals because they thought he/she might change.Thanks for commenting!
    @anon,true talk!Thanks for commenting!


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