Monday, 2 July 2012

Sex Sells Shit!!!

Hello beautiful people! Been a long while and I sincerely apologize *puppy eye face*. I believe I was either just plain lazy, reading other blogs or had a writers' block (yimu).
I was doing my normal daily aproco, surfing the net and looking for juicy gist, actually gist about Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian' s recently rumored break up when I stumbled upon these advert pictures and I was like, Sweet Macaroni and Cheese! I must share!
Campaigns are getting vulgar and controversial these days and I trust my fellow Naija people, we would soon start copying this balderdash. As an ad freak I understand that we have to think outside the box, in fact think like there's no box but apparently these pictures show no boundaries and move towards profanity. 
At times, I have to do the sign of the cross before watching some music videos because of the dark contents, vulgarity and demonic symbols being used now. Do I have to cover my eyes when I see billboards, or quickly change channels when an advert is about to be shown?! E don tire me oh. Is it not to sell product kwa?! Or am I missing something?!
MTN started with 'Mama na boy' campaign, and even though our fellow feminists noticed the use of "na boy" and critiqued it, MTN still obviously won our hearts and chopped our money seriously (I bought my SIM card 11k which is still peppering me). What about 'Oh Jerry'? Justin Bieber's 'Someday' fragrance campaign nko?! they all did well in the market and are still doing well. 
I think our fellow oyinbo people are overrating this 'sex sells' thingy too much. All I can see in these pictures are homosexuality, nudity,drug addiction and sex orgy, I can't see the campaigns. So the intent for the ad in the first instance is lost. 
It is well o! I drop my pen.