Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Blogger sentenced to jail!

From his facebook page. 
Maikel Nabil
Choi! Bloggers we should better be careful with what we write or publish. Just heard of this fresh looking Egyptian guy's (26 yr old) 2 yrs sentence to jail and a fine of LE200 for insulting the armed forces,publishing false news and disturbing public security. 
What I feel abourrit? Oh-Oh, now I know those who love me, why should I use Panadol for another man's headache?! Even though minding my business is not exactly my hobby, I choose to this time. Shikena!

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

5 KOJO RARA...Don't even think abourrit!

There are lots of things I wished I could do but fortunately can't do because they are my personal taboos. Of course,it's not like thunder would strike me dead but I'm trying to be a better Christian and person. Please don't insult me if they sound kinda lame (MOST ACTUALLY ARE!)
Taboo Number 1
Thou shalt not throw the third finger
I wish I could throw the third finger anyhow at anybody or at times the waka sign aka your father aka shege bansa. You know taking a drive and someone just overtakes foolishly, then you just give him/her the finger or a guy just makes a silly comment when strutting by feeling fly and funky...hmmmn cool reaction but EVILLLLLL!!!!!!(I Corin 10:31)
Taboo Number 2
Thou shalt not get wasted and do other things you'll pretend not to remember
After a stressful day at work or lonely night, at times its really tempting to just go to the club some night,get wasted, have a quickie with a random stranger and let your friends carry you home. Hmmmmm, pure EVILLLL!!!!!(Proverbs 23:21)
Taboo Number 3
Thou shalt not stare lustfully at them fine brothers
I try my best possible not to stare at the dark(at times fair), really handsome dudes that sit beside me in a bus or at times church. I try to tell myself that I'm just admiring God's beautifully made creatures but seriously who am I kidding?! These Adam reincarnates can be so tempting, pushing a sister to sin, mschewww. I'm angry sef, why do they have to be so flipping fine?!(Eph 5:3)
Taboo Number 4
Thou shalt not dance to Lady gaga's songs no matter how popular or sweet
Secular songs and I are frenemies. They are not nutritious to my soul yet so pleasurable. Well, I know I'm getting there sha, slowly but steadily walking towards perfection. I really used to like Lady Gaga until she sang Judas, Judas ke. Nobody had to tell me that she and the devil had legally gotten married. The annoying aspect is that this drat song keeps playing in my mind after hearing it by mistake! And yes I love dancing and can really dance gan, so imma just limit my dance (fingers crossed) to God worthy songs.(Ecc 7:5)
Taboo Number 5
Thou shalt not take parents money even though they wouldn't notice
As bad and easy as this seems this is actually the toughest. There are times I get so broke buying latest bbs and weaves and I feel so shy asking my folks for money because I'm working and get paid. So the next easily sinful alternative is quickly fapping that change in momsie's handbag or popsie's code locked (which I decoded. NB not proudly saying o) purse. (Exodus 20:15)

So these are my basic never-do-o! Everybody tends to give themselves a to do list totally forgetting the not-to-do list. It helps try it out.
 Merry Xmas in advance y'all! Lots of lov and kisses...and always remember His Grace is sufficient...mwahhhh