Monday, 7 January 2013

Blast From A Writer's (that's me*tongue out*) Past

*Picks up pen*
*drops pen*
*chews finger nails*
*remembers ‘I shouldn’t be biting my nails’ as per New Year resolution tinz ;)*
*abruptly quit chewing nails*
*picks up pen again*
*doodles ‘thor’ on the blank sheet’* see picture below for reference *pops collar humbly* ‘I know it’s fine…thank you!’
*admires work*
*drops pen again*
*picks up TV switch*
*flip stations* Soundcity…Oh Some nights! *chews mouth sings along*
‘..but I still wake up, I still see her ghost.  Lord I’m still not sure what I stand for…what do I stand for…what do I stand for...most nights I don’t know oo…’
Mscheww…hian! abeg I know what I stand for oh(somehow)…the Word I speak is Life and Spirit… *changes station with immediate alacrity*
*flips station*MMPremier'Love and Other Drugs'see these ones kissing like it's going out of fashion. Haba! These oyinbo films sef...If they don't kiss, shey the movie won't sell ni!? *rme* Chill oh, did I just see Anne Hathaway's boobs?!0_0
*flips stations and adjusts halo(Omo Jesu like me hehee)* One Gospel…hmmm…Na Big Momma be dis?! bet fat people can sing sha…what language she dey use sing sef?...
*picks up pen...again*

So this is me struggling to write something, anything…
I have thousand of things to blog about but I don’t really know how to articulate them or maybe I just don’t want to share (yeah I’m selfish like that *big grin*)….kidding! I would definitely share when the time is right. Meanwhile, I was doing some digging up when I stumbled on this stuff I jotted from a book or something few years back. They make so much sense now than then. Hope they do to you too!
  • ‘Deep within a man dwell those slumbering powers, powers that would astonish him, which he never dreamed of possessing; forces that would revolutionize his life if aroused and put into action’.
  • ‘Determination remains the wake up call to human will’.
  • ‘If you can change seeing, you can change being’.
  • ‘One hour in the presence of God will reveal any flaw in your most carefully laid plan’.
  • ‘Prosperity is simply having enough of God’s provision to complete His instructions for your life’.
  • ‘Marrying a woman because of her beauty is like buying a house because of its paint. When crisis comes, it’s not the container but the content that reacts’.
  • ‘If you have a great passion towards something do not let or never allow your love life becloud or suppress your passion, unless you are sure that your man/woman is really interested in your pursuit, else, the one thou lovest now, thou shalt hate later’.
  • ‘Think of the best, but always prepare for the worst’.  (I formulated this one; it’s my way of never getting disappointed or overly distraught by anything or anyone*big grin*)

My Doodle...lool! Hammer of life
Happy New Year beautiful people, have a splendid one! Mwwahhh


  1. cool piece, i enjoyed it

  2. And she is back.....hehehe (icep noni)

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