Thursday, 6 June 2013

Rated 21+

I think birthdays are overrated. 
Birthdays just remind you of how close you are to death or reminds you to count the lines etched deep within your eye area...(Mayday! Mayday!! Crows feet alert). I used to be so excited about my birthdays until I was 21. Oh lord, it sucks so hard now ('xcuze my french). Most times I look at older people and wonder: 'Oh Gollies! Someday imma look like this!'*hyperventilating* A friend once asked me why I never smile in pictures and my response was that I look better frowning or pouting (in a cute baby-ish way not that annoying trying-to-form-tush-babe kinda pout you find unilag girls doing  these days *rme* in actual fact, the truth is I don't smile in my pictures and even in real life because it just makes the lines more visible and hastens the dreadful inevitability of the ugly claws of crows feet *shudders* call me shallow or vain if you will but I don't want no crows feet or silly age lines on my face or ANY PART OF MY BODY (takes a deep breath...madam calm down and stop shouting...) until maybe...errr...I'm 78. I tell everyone who cares to listen that I love Joan Rivers, for Pete's sake, that chic is 80 and she looks fab (okay not without make up though and minus the Jackson nose, Travolta brows, the 'Joker's' permanent grin...and overspent eyebrow lifts!) Yeah, all thanks to plastic surgery but c'mon her Surgeon is doing a great job, let's give her credit for that, after all some people can't rock surgery, botox as well as she can. Nicole Kidman is  just in her mid 40's and she always looks like a white cat trying to smile. 
Okay so that's about it about 'happy' birthdays and by the way I went clubbing with Hawkeye (if you didn't get that, smh for you, olodo rabata. If you did, cyber high5 Genius*wink*)
So, I have recently been MIA on my guilty pleasure blogs, my crazy obsession with E!, my own blog, my gossip girl mode activation (always knowing secrets of everyone *whew* I've gat a truckload of 'em in my medulla oblongata I think imma start spilling soon..) and plenty other things I can remember but can't include because family and friends read this blog *grin* but I think I'm back now, fully invigorated. My busy body mode is back, and I am ready for action no more dulling. 
So until you read from me next time, I remain that girl not even the least bit interested in fitting in. 
P.S. Sorry the mid life crisis rantings above, na old age  dey worry me.
P.P.S Okay no apologies...every girl wants to remain 21 forever abi?!
P.P.P.S to P.S err...I'm still young o, I meant 'old age wey dey beckon' #okbye

                         Absolutely Stunning!

 Joan & Melissa Rivers
 Not so stunning:(