Monday, 21 November 2011

Demi wants to cut Kutcher

So this is the end of the cougar-ish marriage?! And to think that most older women in the same relationship 'situation' were looking up to her. Well, we still have Kourtney Kardashian and Scott, don't we?(ahem...) So what are my views? Well, personally I knew it wouldn't last, come on who are we kidding?! This is not the matter of bad belle or women sef! but it's just the truth. In Nigeria, once you are approaching the 25-ish stage, market don dey finish how much more for 41. Truth be told, Demi Moore is smoking hot (on camera), but we don't see her when she wakes up in the morning. I believe this is just some sort of karma, I didn't like that she divorced Bruce Willis (I love you Bruce, call me!) at all. So tit for tat.
As for Brother Ashton, nobody forced him to get married to Demi in the first instance so I'm really disappointed in him concerning the cheating rumours. If he had simply said, Abeg, I no do again! Good and fine! But cheating? That's just too bad. At least he should have considered his marriage vows, or even the love and respect he once had for her. Shame on you Ashton.
Love is love, regardless of age, looks, money or whatever, but love doesn't keep a marriage(think about this).
Okay, so that brings me to the major gist. I heard that she (Demi) wants to take revenge on Ashton financially. She instructed her lawyers to 'punish him financially'. Ashton earns a whooping 500k pounds per episode on Two and a Half men (even though it double sucks now) and as much as 4m pounds per year as a successful investor in new technological projects, including Skype. Now this is where I'm in full support of Demi. Sharp babe. Your mouth dey there. Leave the vengeance to God, and Ashton's money to your account!


  1. Ditto!Ashton just woke up. Poor Demi btw.

  2. Mschewwwwwww! Hollywood romance has and always will be pulp-fiction. To believe that a lot of people actually took these two dysfunctional adults seriously really amazes me.

    A guy in his 20's CAN NEVER be committed to a wife in her 40's. You don't need a prophet to foresee a collapse.

    Abeg, next!

  3. lol @upwardliving,emphasis on CAN NEVER,however,you can't be too sure.


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