Monday, 14 November 2011

Diary of a Young Nigerian Virgin

Oct 30 2004,!0:00pm. On my bed.

Dear Diary,

Me I'm tired of staying at home oh! I heard Nana is now in University of Abuja while I'm still lounging at home, it's already October, making it the 4th month of staying at home idling away. Hmmn....idle. An idle mind is indeed the devil's work shop...something happened today. I was staying at home jejely watching Teletubbies (what?!I like the programme) when this guy came over, that fine boy I use to eye in my computer school, Chukwudi. Seriously, I don't even know what I even like in him, he has this nasty bow legs and wears glasses as thick as the bottom of solo coke bottle, but he drives me nuts with his voice or maybe its his really light brown eyes, well whatever I sha like him sha. So as I was saying, he came today and brought this film with him. Guess what type of film it was?It was a blue film. You know, before today I used to think blue film was a film with blue pictures just like a black and white film. Naive me!
Okay o, so I played the film, but after seeing its first  few seconds(okay its a lie, first few minutes) content and started feeling really funny and felt Chukwudi's fingers move towards my thighs, I quickly jumped up and told him to leave but without the film.
I'm sleeping 3.00pm tonight. Ciao!

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